When you actually cross the Brooklyn Bridge, it feels different as a person. You walk through it and when you have, you eat some the pizza from Juliana’s that used to be Grimaldi’s…I mean, it is life-changing in every sense of the word. I’ve always wanted to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, even before my photographer-life, then I did all in under the rain and almost weeping? I mean, really. I took a shot and I glanced myself and praised it in all its glory, I thought to myself, wow–Brooklyn, finally.


Was it not just yesterday when we we’re in her birthing room?

Amelia Mei

Now she is all grown up and has her own personality with her own style.


We have watched her take each step out of her toddler years, and now that she’s in kindergarten–new friends are discovered, and learning experiences will occur as she dazzles into elementary!

amelia bnw

We will sieze each day…

amelia 5th_02

…cherish every moment

amelia 5th_01

..and I’m just lucky to capture that for 5 years.

Playdate with myself and my Canon



I love Macro photography and always fall back to it when I have time to myself. Earlier this week, I took advantage of that time.




I see the world differently through these lenses.



Doesn’t this flower just make you happy? It’s a dime sized flower, but when I saw it in the bigger screen, it was love at first sight.