A photo blogging site for the unpaid photojournalist that I am.

I am a full time busy wife and mother who finds comfort in music, food and photographs. I am, in my everyday normal life, a partner and a mother to two most beautiful people in the planet: KC (wife) and Ocean (the little monster). They are the inspiration and subjects in most of my photography. They are both the most honest-to-photo-blog critiques a photographer can have, and after 7 years of upgrading my gadgetry from camera phone to the Single Lens Reflex, here I am: WORDPRESSING.2ni

A little bit of history of how I started this venture in photojournalism would be taking “candid photographs” of my friends in retreats and school activities. For as long as I can remember, brand-less 35mm cameras that were instamatic of its time, winding till you finish a whole roll-type of bliss is what I used to take pictures with. Through time, just like anything gadget, digital photography advance edits way to modern technology. I, the non-conformist thrifty person that I am, refused to spend money on a digital SLR, so instead I used NOKIA camera phones (free and handy).

Today, after a Canon DSLR Rebel xTi and Mark II 5d later, having a day job can’t hurt. With that said, I can finally afford photo-passion. Photo finishes and mastering the craft of what was once known “candid photographs”, I take photos for everything and anything with natural lighting.

**Gadgetry updates + Gears will be linked somewhere in this photo blog.

Enjoy your visit, and friendly comments are appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Herstory.

  1. Ati…your work is simply BEAUTIFUL! I can actually feel every scene that you have taken. Not all photographers can do that. I get goose gumps when I look at the photos as if as I was also there. You are gifted and I am so proud of you!

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